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The college graduated progressive segment of the Muslim community are very significant in numbers and resourcefulness. However, they exist only in their roles as professionals, and unlike the imams, they do not constitute a think tank type capability. Therefore, they do not significantly influence the community, except through donations to the mosques and other causes. Their true potential for the community remains untapped.

There are academicians among them who regularly do research and publish their findings. We invite all of them to research their experience with the Muslim communities, focusing on the cultural and civilizational aspects and applications to the modern life situations.

We invite the community members to submit their research results to our peer reviewed Journal of Muslim Culture. This will enable the community members to discover another dimension to their professional lives. It will also give rise to a recognized community of intellectuals, scholars, and subject matter experts. In this way, the intellectuals  and professionals in our community can form a specialized think tank type capability that allows them to contribute to the community at large in a systematic and meaningful way.

We urge the community members to take advantage of our Journal of Muslim Culture.

Acceptance Criteria

We have a panel of reviewers, the list is dynamic. Reviewers from this panel will review each submitted article. Following are the core criteria for acceptance.

The purpose of the Journal of Muslim Culture is to serve as a critical intellectual resource for the contemporary aspects of the Muslim World. It is also intended to serve as a virtual part of a think tank for the Great Muslim Nation.

A litmus test for an article published in the Journal is to ask how does the article help the Muslim World of today? The helpfulness criterion shall explicitly address how the research findings are helpful for today’s Muslim World, and what percentage of the Muslim population potentially can benefit from the findings. The research findings shall prove their helpfulness in at least one of the following areas, with focus on the benefit to the Muslim World.

  1. Education as wisdom, knowledge, and skills in the service of the Muslim World
  2. Scientific and technological inventions to benefit the Muslim world
  3. Economic progress in the Muslim world and its competetiveness Internationally
  4. Geopolitical strengthening of Muslims world wide.
  5. Improve the negotiating position of Muslims on the International Forums
  6. Improve the resourcefulness of Muslims.

Articles shall have a positive approach to explicitly benefit the Muslim World; critical articles are acceptable when their benefit is manifest. Focus will be on the Muslim majority societies in today’s world; studies on the Muslim minority societies shall manifest their benefit to that minority. Given a topic, scholarship demonstrated in the articles shall be among the very best in the world.

This journal is necessary because no journal currently exists with these objectives. Initially the journal will be biannual and online. 

Join us to make USA a better place.

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